The 15th Asian Men’s Handball Championship - Jeddah 2012
The 15th Asian Men’s Handball Championship - Jeddah 2012 Qualification for the World Men’s Handball Championship - Spain 2013 For the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Cup
Dubai Sports Council
This logo features structure and balance in the inner smooth lines of the icon. In addition to the general meaning of the icon, most ball games have the same artistic lining on their balls (basketball, football, volley ball, tennis...). Golden was chosen as the unique color for Dubai Sports Council to differentiate it from all other sports' clubs. And the Arabic and English fonts were inspired from the icon's design. Promax is really proud of this logo as it achieves artistic harmony between the icon and the fonts.
Dammam University
University of Dammam, the 3rd largest university in Saudi Arabia with over 24 colleges in the Eastern Province. Dammam city is a coastal city facing the Gulf sea.
Al Sharqia Chamber
Al Ahsa Chamber
Al Ahsa has the largest field of petrol in the world and is also known for its agricultural sector. The colors green and black were chosen to reflect that nature, as green symbolizes nature and growth whereas black symbolizes energy and power of industry. The font for Al-Ahsa Chamber was also drawn and designed specifically for it and inspired from the traditional Arabic Kofi font but with a modern twist.
King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
Al Hakmiah
A logo of power and prestige, it reflects the characteristics of leadership and luxury with its distinct design and specially-drawn Arabic font of AlHakmiah. The logo was tied to its slogan for a stronger effect and meaning, a true art and a pride for Promax to build such an eminent identity.
Saudi Aramco
Saudi Aramco
Sahara Net
Jas Contracting
JAS is a company of young Gulf leaders with a clear vision. After deciding to use the name as the main icon, it was drawn in a distinctive spirit with a special font to reflect clarity, simplicity and harmony between the Arabic and English versions. The unique angles and smooth lines of the logo give it an artistic feeling that is complemented by the strength and elegance of the red and black colors. This is definitely one of the most beautiful identities among the work of Promax.
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