Professional Company, Ltd. (Promax)

Ali Al Gomaie the founder of Promax started in 1996. With an artists eye, with creative thoughts, he succeeded in making a difference in advertising industry.

He was one of the first professional designers who specialized in brand logos and corporate identities. He won many awards for designing corporate logos for governmental, private and social charity organizations; locally and regionally. In addition, he headed several creative designing and marketing teams of specialized companies.


His ambition - after this series of successes - directed him towards establishing a group of companies specialized in advertising industry, in marketing, in public relations & information and in events management.

That dream went on crystallizing until it reached the very boundaries of reality..

So, in 2006, on the coast of the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, Al Gomaie and a group of ambitious young businessmen founded Promax as a company specialized in the industry of branding and marketing campaigns.


Progress was enhanced in 2007 by a distinguished production line, launched to meet the needs of the market and the clients.. it was Internet Applications & Web Design. And for that line to work with effect, we recruited the best programming and design talents.


2008 was a year of significant importance, as we decided to establish an advanced Film Production Department equipped with the best and latest studios, cameras and imaging technologies for TV Production, documentary and educational films, advertisements and 3-D design to be the first of its kind in the region.

We began preparing for the idea and started planning for its achievement, until it was actualized in 2009, when we succeeded in achieving a distinguished partnership with a creative team of specialized skilled youth, who were the best in this field. Thus, Promax had got a sister company: “ProEffect”.

During the same year, to expand our professionalism in Advertising Identity Design, we specialized in animated Identity Design.

In 2010, we established Event Management division. Which was consisted of a distinguished team of talents highly experienced in this field. We are proud of managing a considerable number of important occasions and activities through the region


2010  also witnessed the establishment of Public Relations & Media Division.  Which played a crucial role in promoting - among internal and external public - the good image of our clientsfacilities in governmental, private and social organizations. The specialized team of this department was notably successful in attracting a long list of clients.


Our success index has been rising steadily... And Promax has become one of the best companies specialized in branding, advertising industry in its both types: fixed and animated, marketing services, event management and public relations & media. And we have won the confidence of distinctive companies and customers through the Gulf.

We - in Promax - are proud of our leadership at the local and regional levels...

We commit ourselves to always maintain the forefront; because we know that it is our only way to universality; with effect...



Our Vision

An advertising leadership of professional marketing.. To universality.. With effect.



Our Mission

A taste that touches sensation.. Professionalism that estimates art.. And a service that respects time.

We advance with our eyes on creating effect..



Our Values

Our Clients: Partners in our success.. Their time is priceless.. Our relationship with them is the real value..

Our staff: Specialists in their work.. Cooperating with one another.. Partners in their success..

Our performance: Creativity in the idea... Cooperation in the smallest details.. Sense of the spirit of the work.






Our President's Message

"Being on beach is a pleasure… And art and creation are another form of pleasure that increases when they become a message you carry with you wishing it reaches everyone. Then, your main goal would not be to make profit, but to spread the message.

Our message is professionalism. We carry it through our work, in all of its aspects.  So it has become our life's goal, our methodology, and our trade mark.

It's also evident that work pleasure increases when your job is your life's passion. Then, commitment, dedication and care become instincts motivating you to creatively carve a masterpiece. And on those bases we accomplish our work, for our passion is tending to our client – like tending to ourselves – professionally!


Ali Gomaie


Our Beginning

Promax started as the vision of its founder/ Ali Gomaie from his 11 years of working as a professional designer, and our actual beginning was in 2006 with our marketing management's support in forming and shaping our methodology. Since then, and with many experts and talents joining our team, we've accomplished many achievements as proven by our long list of clients from esteemed corporations, and our original works.

Promax Team

Our Team

Our family at Promax is formed of individuals who share one goal: the pursuit of professionalism; individuals who are creative, talented, smart, specialized, and above all ambitious! For it is our ambition that has always driven us to be stronger, better, and constantly evolving. And each one of us has something that sets him or her apart personally or professionally. Visit our office at any time to get to know our team better, chat with us and evaluate our work in person.

Idea Team

The idea team was formed as an independent unit to be the driving force behind our work. Individuals from various professions and backgrounds, and of different views make the team to be an infinite reservoir of ideas. Our policy is to generate all kinds of ideas and never dismiss them at first instant no matter how insane, weird, or impossible they may seem to be. The greatest discoveries and innovations started as inconceivable ideas, but with the ingenuity, effort and persistence of the enlightened minds, the world has evolved to be what it is today and still keeps on progressing.

The way we work

The Philosophy of Promax

Our first step "Analyze" is where we examine your company, study its nature and understand its market. At this stage, we gather all the information that will aid us in identifying your needs in details, and that's where our second stage starts.

At this step "Diagnose", our team gets together after presenting the results of our analysis, and we exchange opinions and propose ideas. Our goal at this stage is to form a vision of how our company can assist yours in realizing its purpose. 

As a third step, in "Design", we translate our vision into reality. We transform the spirit of your company into tangible art, putting it in a frame of unique designs under the specialized services that we provide you.